# Modules.Nfc.NdefRecord


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# Overview

Android: The NDEF record is the base type for more type-specific NDEF records. You will generally work with the type-specific NDEF records (e.g. NdefRecordText, NdefRecordUri, etc.) which have more applicable properties for each type of record.

Use one of the <Modules.Nfc.createNdefRecordApplication>, <Modules.Nfc.createNdefRecordEmpty>, <Modules.Nfc.createNdefRecordExternal>, <Modules.Nfc.createNdefRecordMedia>, <Modules.Nfc.createNdefRecordSmartPoster>, <Modules.Nfc.createNdefRecordText>, <Modules.Nfc.createNdefRecordUnknown>, or <Modules.Nfc.createNdefRecordUri> method variants to create an NDEF record.

iOS: The NFC-functionality is available on iOS 11 and later. It currently only allows to read specific NDEF-tags - writing tags is not supported by iOS so far.

See also: NdefRecord (opens new window)