# Modules.Identity


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# Overview

Touch ID / Face ID are security mechanisms that use biometric sensors to authenticate the user.

# Requirements

The Identity module is available with the Titanium SDK starting with Release 6.3.0. This module only works with devices running iOS 8 and later.

# Getting Started

Add the module as a dependency to your application by adding a <module> item to the <modules> element of your tiapp.xml file:

  <!-- ... -->
    <module platform="iphone">ti.identity</module>
  <!-- ... -->

Use require() to access the module from JavaScript:

var Identity = require('ti.identity');

The Identity variable is a reference to the module. Make API calls using this reference:

    reason: 'Verify to modify personal settings',
    callback: function(e) {

# Lifetime Notes (iOS-only)

The current context will, once evaluated, be used until it's instance gets released or invalidated. You can you use the <Modules.Identity.invalidate> method to force the user to be prompted every time a new authentication is triggered. On iOS 9 and later, this can also be called to cancel a current evaluation of an auth-context, e.g. to hide the auth-dialoag.

# Distinguish between Touch ID and Face ID

Use the <Modules.Identity.biometryType> to receive the currently used biometry type. See an example of using the property to create a personalized interface when using Touch ID and Face ID:

var authPhrase = 'Unknown';

if (TiIdentity.biometryType === TiIdentity.BIOMETRY_TYPE_FACE_ID) { // Face ID
    authPhrase = 'Face ID';
} else if (TiIdentity.biometryType === TiIdentity.BIOMETRY_TYPE_TOUCH_ID) { // Touch ID
    authPhrase = 'Touch ID';

# Face ID Requirements (iOS only)

For Face ID to work properly, you need to add a <key> item to the <plist> element of your tiapp.xml file:

  <!-- ... -->
    <!-- ... -->
        <string>Why you need Face ID.</string>
    <!-- ... -->
  <!-- ... -->

# Native Keychain Integration

For more infos regarding the keychain integration, check the "KeychainItem" "documentation.

# Sample Application

The module contains a sample application in the <TITANIUM_SDK_HOME>/modules/iphone/ti.identity/<VERSION>/example/ folder.