# Modules.WebDialog


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# Overview

The WebDialog module provides Titanium access to the native SFSafariViewController (iOS) and ChromeTabs (Android). This enables you to deliver interactive web content in your app just like the built-in browser, including the native UI elements already familiar to your users.

# Requirements

The WebDialog module is available with the Titanium SDK starting with Release 7.1.0. This module only works with devices running iOS 9 / Android 4.1 and later. Please make sure you have at least Xcode 7 to build to the required iOS sources.

# Getting Started

Add the module as a dependency to your application by adding a <module> item to the <modules> element of your tiapp.xml file:

  <!-- ... -->
    <module platform="iphone">ti.webdialog</module>
  <!-- ... -->

Use require() to access the module from JavaScript:

var dialog = require('ti.webdialog');

The dialog variable is a reference to the module. Make API calls using this reference:

if (dialog.isSupported()) {
        url: 'https://appcelerator.com'

# Sample Application

The module contains a sample application in the <TITANIUM_SDK_HOME>/modules/iphone/ti.webdialog/<VERSION>/example/ folder.