# Titanium SDK Overview

Welcome to the Appcelerator Platform! The Appcelerator Platform helps you develop cross-platform mobile applications using the Titanium SDK, Alloy, Appcelerator Studio and the Appcelerator CLI, then lets you manage the entire lifecycle of the application with debugging, testing, deploying, crash monitoring and analytic data collection.

This guide introduces the Appcelerator Platform and walks through the steps of setting up Appcelerator Studio, downloading and installing the necessary Titanium and third-party SDKs and tools, and creating a simple project.

If you are developing native Android application with Java or native iOS application with Objective-C, see the AMPLIFY Appcelerator Services Native SDKs to get started with integrating Appcelerator Platform services with your application.

⚠️ Warning

Appcelerator Platform is available as a service referred as App Builder through the AMPLIFY platform.

# Appcelerator Platform

The Appcelerator Platform consists of several components:

To start using the Appcelerator Platform, you need an account to log in to the Appcelerator Dashboard and Appcelerator Studio.

  • If you want to try the Appcelerator Platform for free, sign up for an Appcelerator Platform account (opens new window).

  • If you are part of an Appcelerator Organization, your organization's Appcelerator Platform administrator sends an invitation to you to log in to the Appcelerator Dashboard and create an account.

  • If you are an administrator, see Managing Organizations for more information about adding users to your organization's Appcelerator Platform and provisioning them either Dashboard access.