Create native apps with JavaScript

Titanium lets you develop cross-platform native mobile applications and build great mobile experiences using JavaScript.

Parts of TiDev

Titanium SDK

Node.js-based utilities to compile your JavaScript code and static assets into a native iOS and Android application.


Be part of a strong community, ask for help or give a helping hand in Slack or on Github


Need to use an API not already covered by Titanium SDK? Hyperloop gives you direct access to every native API on your device.

Titanium APIs

Access hundreds of native UI and non-visual components (such as networks and media APIs) within your application.

Command-line Tools

The Titanium CLI provides tons of functions to develop and deploy your application including LiveView

Titanium Alloy

Develop quality Titanium applications quickly and cleanly with the Alloy framework (with support for Backbone.js and Underscore.js).

Who we are

TiDev is a non-profit software foundation founded for and focused on the long-term maintenance, support, and care of the open-source Titanium SDK and surrounding eco-system.

Build with the editor you love.

Titanium provides IDE plugins for VSCode and Atom to make developing amazing apps easier than ever.

  • Code completion
  • Device browser
  • Full-featured debugging tools
  • And more!
Build with ease in VSCode
Module Ecosystem

Need a third-party native library in your app? Titanium modules have your covered. Choose from a wide selection of community modules or our premium support integrations.