Titanium CLI 7.0.0 GA released

Titanium CLI v7.0.0

Titanium CLI 7 is finally here! This release is a complete refactor that includes several breaking changes and improvements.

ESM Refactor

Version 7 adopts the ECMAScript Module (ESM) format allowing us to finally be able to update the CLI's dependencies to their latest versions. Equally important, this enables us to finally update the Node.js code in the SDK including the build command logic.

This also allowed us to drop deprecated and unmaintained packages in favor of modern and maintained packages.

Dead Code Removal

This release removes the remaining Axway/Appcelerator specific code including analytics, authentication, and Java-based connection test.

The non-functional tab completion has been removed. The i18n system has been removed and now all output is in English.

Additionally, v7 removes HAXM and Genymotion detection. These two Android emulator technologies are inferior to the modern-day emulator bundled with the Android SDK.

No More Default SDK

The Titanium CLI has always had the concept of a "default SDK". The CLI used the default SDK to create new projects as well as read the tiapp.xml and figure out which version of the SDK should be used to build the project. If the <sdk-version> in the tiapp.xml differed from the default SDK, the CLI would spawn itself again with the correct SDK to use. Not only was this slow but made the code overly complex.

Version 7 removes this default SDK and directly reads the tiapp.xml without needing to load an SDK. This allows the CLI to immediately choose the correct SDK when building your project.

Creating new projects will prompt you for the SDK version to use or default to the latest installed GA release.

Node.js Requirements

Titanium CLI 7 now requires Node.js 18 or newer.

Notable changes:

  • BREAKING: Dropped support for Node.js 16 and older
  • BREAKING: Removed login, logout, plugin, and status commands
  • BREAKING: ti info no longer shows haxm, genymotion, macOS info including Xcode CLI Tools, jarsigner tool, or nodeAppcVer.
  • BREAKING: ti module no longer shows both iphone and ios modules, only ios
  • BREAKING: ti sdk --json no longer contains activeSDK (see ti sdk select below)

There have been several other improvements:

  • Updated dependencies including replacing outdated dependencies with modern alternatives
  • Lazy load code when possible; when combined with the removed dead code, the CLI in general should be a tiny bit faster
  • --sdk <ver> is now a global option
    • ti create will prompt which SDK you wish to use
  • -d, --project-dir is now a global option
  • Added --json flag to ti config, ti info, ti sdk, and ti sdk list
  • ti sdk select is no longer needed, now it just reads <sdk-version> from the tiapp.xml
  • Removed all dead code: analytics, telemetry, i18n (for CLI prompts, etc), incomplete tab completion

For a complete list of changes, please see the release notes: Titanium CLI 7.0.0 Release Notes.


To install 7.0.0, run:

[sudo] npm i -g titanium

Report Bugs

If you run into any issues that seem related to the update, please report them on GitHub.

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