Interested in Contributing?

There are several ways you can contribute to Titanium and TiDev

New Features & Native Modules

Implement new Android and iOS features, add a new API or integration, improve parity and platform support.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Fix issues across the SDK, CLI, and libraries, remove deprecated features, improve CI workflows, and add more tests.


Document features and qwirks, add code snippets, fix typos and bad grammer, and remove deprecated content.

Tests & Testing

Help us by building your apps using the latest CI builds and reporting any issues.

Tutorials, Blog Posts, Videos

Share your knowledge with the world, write about a Titanium feature, and compare Titanium to other platforms.


Consider making a donation! We use tax deductible donations to pay engineers to fix issues and support the latest Android and iOS releases.

Contributing Code

Source code contributions are always welcome! Before we can accept your pull request, you must sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

What is a CLA?

A contributor license agreement is a legally binding document in which you sign and agree to that all intellectual property ownership rights for any source code, documentation, and other contributions will belong to TiDev, Inc.

A CLA ensures that all code, docs, etc belongs to TiDev and allows us to avoid any ownership disputes. Currently, our CLA is designed for an individual and TiDev, Inc. Please check that your employer allows you to sign our CLA prior to any contributions.

Get Started

Please carefully read the agreement. On the last page, login into GitHub, fill out your information, sign, and submit.

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