Titanium CLI 7.0.0.RC released

Titanium CLI v7.0.0-rc

Titanium CLI version 7 is almost here! It's been almost 2 years since the last major version and the CLI is overdue for a little ❤️.

This Release Candidate includes several breaking changes and improvements, but most importantly updates the code so that we can update the Node.js code and dependencies in the SDK.

Notable changes:

  • BREAKING: Dropped support for Node.js 18 and older
  • BREAKING: Removed login, logout, plugin, and status commands
  • BREAKING: ti info no longer shows haxm, genymotion, macOS info including Xcode CLI Tools, jarsigner tool, or nodeAppcVer.
  • BREAKING: ti module no longer shows both iphone and ios modules, only ios
  • BREAKING: ti sdk --json no longer contains activeSDK (see ti sdk select below)

There have been a number of other improvements:

  • --sdk <ver> is now a global option
    • ti create will prompt which SDK you wish to use
  • -d, --project-dir is now a global option
  • Added --json flag to ti config, ti info, ti sdk, and ti sdk list
  • ti sdk select is no longer needed, now it just reads <sdk-version> from the tiapp.xml
  • Removed all dead code: analytics, telemetry, i18n (for CLI prompts, etc), incomplete tab completion
  • Updated dependencies including replacing outdated dependencies with modern alternatives
  • Lazy load code when possible; when combined with the removed dead code, the CLI in general should be a tiny bit faster

For a complete list of changes, please see the release notes: Titanium CLI 7.0.0-rc Release Notes.


To install 7.0.0-rc, run:

[sudo] npm i -g titanium@next

Report Bugs

If you run into any issues that seem related to the update, please report them on GitHub.

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