Titanium CLI 7.1.0 GA released

Titanium CLI v7.1.0

Titanium CLI 7.1.0 is a small maintenance release with some bug fixes and updates.

  • feat: Support async hook init() functions
  • fix: Surface sdk install errors
  • fix: ti sdk rm <ver> treats confirm prompt as false
  • fix: Assert required Node.js version
  • fix: Clear out undefined command args which fixes ti project
  • fix: ti sdk install no longer silently fails when installing new modules
  • fix: When reinstalling an SDK, choosing "Overwrite" will force modules to also be reinstalled
  • fix: Properly handle result from ti sdk install overwrite prompt, ti sdk uninstall version prompt, and ti setup user name prompt


To install 7.1.0, run:

[sudo] npm i -g titanium

Note: Titanium CLI 7 now requires Node.js 18 or newer.

Report Bugs

If you run into any issues that seem related to the update, please report them on GitHub.

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