Hacktoberfest 2022


It's that time of the year again: Hacktoberfest!

Make 4+ pull request to participating repos and earn a Hacktoberfest Shirt or plant a tree. Best of all: Titanium is taking part, too. The main SDK repository and the documentation are Hacktoberfest repos: fix the docu, add some examples or even add some code to the SDK. Contribute & help to improve Titanium and earn Hacktoberfest points!

How to participate

Make sure to read https://github.com/tidev/titanium_mobile#contributing first to find out what is needed to contribute to Titanium. Check the issues for some inspiration or browse the docs https://titaniumsdk.com/ and look for mistakes/errors/places that can be improved.

Fork the repos, create a branch, make some changes and create a PR.


If you have any questions feel join TiSlack! Code strong and enjoy Hacktoberfest!


Michael Gangolf

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