Titanium SDK 12.3.0.GA released

The next stable version of the Titanium SDK is now available: 12.3.0.GA. Titanium SDK 12.3.0 is a minor release of the SDK, adding new features and fixing existing bugs:

  • General: Official support for Node.js 18 and 20
  • General: Module updates (e.g. hyperloop and ti.map)
  • iOS: Support multi-scene applications (e.g. CarPlay and visionOS)
  • Android: New camera handling using the official CameraX Jetpack library when you use a camera with an overlay. Use useCameraX: true to enable the new features (see the documentation for more information).

For a more detailed overview, known issues and closed issues, see the release notes: Titanium SDK 12.3.0.GA Release Note.


Follow these steps to get SDK 12.3.0.GA:

  1. Install the CLI with [sudo] npm i -g titanium alloy
  2. Run titanium sdk install 12.3.0.GA
  3. Set <sdk-version>12.3.0.GA</sdk-version> in your tiapp.xml

Report Bugs

If you run into any issues that seem related to the update, please report them on GitHub.

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